Lessons In Leadership I Learned From Captain Picard

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Delegate Responsibility

It’s hard not to micromanage; you want to make sure every detail is correct and you feel like things just won’t get done unless you do it yourself. Micromanaging and doing everything yourself can kill you in the end though, if you spend all your time managing the minutia of a project you may miss something big.

You may even want to do some small parts of the project yourself, but that’s not always the best course of action for a leader. Picard surely wanted to go on more away missions, but he knew sending Riker so he could stay on the bridge was important.

Picard knew his role was to lead, and he depended on his crew to make that possible. If you don’t let anyone else do anything you’re not a leader. The key to this is of course to have a Number One you can always rely on.

Everyone needs a wingman.

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