Crewing A Star Trek Starship With Founding Fathers


If you were to crew a Star Trek starship with founding fathers which statesman would you put at each station?

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It’s the 4th of July, so we decided to have some patriotic fun and crew a starship exclusively with the founding fathers of the United States of America.

First thing we are going to need is a ship. Obviously we have to go with the Constitution Class here, the founding fathers after all can’t be galloping around the galaxy in an Oberth Class.

OK, now that we have our ship we need to name it, and there’s only one name that will do, the Independence.

We will need is a captain of course, and we all know who that’s going to be, George Washington. Washington will be wise, fair, and find a way to lead every single away mission.

We are going to need a logical and level headed man of science to serve as our second in command and science officer… so it’s got to be Benjamin Franklin.

That brings us to chief engineer and second officer John Adams. Adams was the second president and kept things running for the young nation, surely he could keep our warp core going too.

Communications is an easy one, no founding father was better at communicating than Thomas Jefferson.

Our ship is going to need a surgeon, and that’s where Benjamin Rush comes in. Rush was the surgeon general of The Continental Army and is considered the father of American phycology.

For a helmsman we need someone bold, someone who is willing to jump out into the unknown, someone like John Hancock.

Finally we are going to need a security officer, preferably someone with an accent to spice up the crew and make it a little less homogeneous. General Lafayette wasn’t an offical founding father, but we wouldn’t be free without his military expertise and assistance, so we think he’s a good choice.

There you have it our band of rebels is ready to take to the stars in the USS Independence!

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What do you think of our list? Which founding fathers would you crew a starship with? Lest us know on Facebook or in the comments below.