Star Trek Tribbles In Pokemon Go?


One Pokemon Go player claims he saw a tribble in the game on the Star Trek Beyond red-carpet.

ICYMI: Simon Pegg, who wrote and stars as Scotty in Star Trek Beyond, says he would be happy to write a forth Star Trek movie.

Full disclosure, I don’t play Pokemon Go, I’m a grandpaw Gen-X and I’m just a little bit too old to have gotten in on the Pokemon fad when it first hit. I understand how much fun Pokemon Go is though, and know fans and players of the game are having a great time catching Pokemon all over the place.

One British Pokemon Go and Star Trek fan even tried to catch Pokemon on the red-carpet  at the Star Trek Beyond London premiere, and that’s when he claims he found this…

That isn’t a traditional Pokemon, it appears to be a tribble from Star Trek! The cute and horrible ultra fast reproducing Star Trek creatures that were mortal enemies of the Klingon empire might just be in Pokemon Go.

This also could just be a wonderful joke from Jake Davis, who also posted his tribble find to the Star Trek reddit. Other Pokemon players didn’t see Tribbles on the red carpet, they just saw Pokemon and Karl Urban.

Jake Davis however stuck to his story.

So maybe this is just a wonderfully done joke, or maybe it’s something more. We know that Comic-Con is going to be crawling with Pokemon Go players and is all about Star Trek this year, a combination of the two would be a marketing bonanza. Perhaps this was a test run?

Whether the Pokemon Go tribbles are a joke or a marketing ploy, it’s very well done. Just be careful that you don’t let them get into the grain supply…

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