Star Trek 4 may return Trek to original timeline


Here’s our theory on how Star Trek 4 may return Star Trek to its original timeline.

ICYMI: Star Trek 4 has officially been announced, three days before the US premiere of Star Trek Beyond.

SPOILER WARNING: These are my theories about Star Trek 4, but who knows I could be right, so proceed with caution just in case.

The Star Trek fanbase has been split over the J.J. Abrams Trek movies since they were announced, but no matter your stance on the Kelvin timeline movies they may be about to go back to the original prime Star Trek timeline.

We know now that Star Trek 4 is offical and that Chris Hemsworth will be returning as George Kirk. Now George Kirk could return to Star Trek in a Captain Kirk flashback, but he could also be returning to Trek due to time travel.

If George Kirk is teaming up with James T. Kirk due to time travel it means the entire timeline is up for grabs once again. In the original prime timeline Kirk’s dad was on the Kelvin, but either the Kelvin wasn’t destroyed, or he got off the ship before it was. We know this because Kirk’s dad lived to see him become captain of the Enterprise.

Could some mysterious force have caused the Hobus star to go supernova and destory Romulus in the first place? That supernova eventually caused Spock and Nero to end up traveling back in time and resulted in the destruction of Vulcan and the Kelvin. If this evil force [cough]Borg[cough] was trying to kill Kirk why not kill him on the Kelvin before he’s even born?

Without Kirk the Klingons and Federation might have stayed at war, and the Federation might have lost that war. Perhaps this future evil force [cough]Borg[cough] believes they can conquer the Klingons, but not the Federation. Of course it could also be the Klingons themselves, we haven’t seen them as the bad guys in the Kelvin timeline yet.

If James and George Kirk foil this evil force and stop them from making the Hobus star go supernova it would reset the Star Trek timeline back to the original prime timeline. This means the Kelvin timeline films would be cannon, but would stand apart from the rest of Trek.

Paramount only has contracts with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto for one more film. This theory would wrap up this set of Star Trek movies in a nice neat bow. It would also allow Paramount to move on and possible make movies with the cast of CBS’ new Star Trek series without timeline problems.

Maybe this is how all the Kelvin vs Prime timeline drama gets resolved, or maybe it’s not remotely correct, we will just have to wait for Star Trek 4 to find out!

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