VIDEO: Chekov claiming things were invented in Russia


A wonderful video completion of Chekov claiming things were invented in Russia.

ICYMI: Star Trek Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller tweeted a picture of an unfinished captains chair that is probably the seat from CBS’ new Star Trek series.

Chekov was added to the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series in the second season because Gene Roddenberry thought the show needed a younger character to appeal to teenage audience members.

Chekov was of course Russian, and his habit of claiming that every major invention or advancement in human history came from Russia was a running joke on the series. Those comments were the inspiration behind this hilarious video compilation.

Check out Chekov claiming everything comes from Russia.

Scotch was created by a little old lady from Leningrad!

Chekov was a really an under appreciated character in Star Trek: The Original Series, which of course makes the loss of Anton Yelchin that much sadder. Especially knowing that the part of Chekov won’t be recast, which of course is the right call.

Personally we will always be fans of Chekov!

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