Apple’s App Store goes Star Trek


Apples App Store has gone Star Trek in celebration of a week full of Trek greatness.

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The Apple App Store has taken a decidedly Trek turn this week. It was certainly a week full of Star Trek excitement with the premiere of Star Trek Beyond, an incredible ‘Star Trek: Celebrating 50 Years’ comic-con panel, and of course the release of the trailer for Star Trek Discovery.

So we guess it shouldn’t be surprising that Apple wanted to get aboard the Trek train.

The “Space, The Final Frontier” category includes Star Trek apps and games like “Trexels” and “Star Trek Timelines,” the “Live Long…” category is unsurprisingly health and lifestyle apps, and the “…and Prosper” category is budgeting apps.

So if you want to see a collection of Trek and space apps and games jump over to the Apple App store now. It’s just more proof that Star Trek’s popularity is on the rise.

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What do you think of Star Trek’s growing popularity? Are you glad to see Trek back in the pop culture spotlight? Let us know on Face book or in the comments below.