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As part of a new feature at we will be reviewing the ongoing IDW comic adventures of the Enterprise crew.

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Welcome to a new feature here at in which we will be reviewing the ongoing IDW Star Trek comic series that shows no signs of letting up. Let’s get started with our review at issue number 59, which sees a new two part story arc which has all the potential to be as good as the recent Legacy of Spock four parter.

I am going to call spoilers in this review, so if you have a copy of the issue and not read it yet, or have it on order and want to wait, then dont read our IDWs Star Trek #59 review.

From series regulars Mike Johnson (writer) and Tony Shasteen (art) comes Altered Encounters part 1, or if you live in the UK, Connection part 1,  I am not sure why there was a need to change the title for the UK release.

IDW Star Trek #59 Cover

The series, although focuses mainly on the Kelvin Timeline crew and events, has fluttered with the characters from the prime universe before, most notably Ben Sisko and Q in the Q-Gambit story line (Issues 35 to 40) and with the original series crew along with Picard as part of the Legacy of Spock series. Altered Encounters will be the first time that the prime and Kelvin timelines have truly crossed paths and it makes for an interesting idea.

The story opens with Captain Kirk waking up from a night’s rest to find himself in both familiar and unfamiliar surroundings. This happens twice as another Captain Kirk wakes from his sleep in similar circumstances. What I love about this is that Mike Johnson throws us straight into the story and after this first page I could almost see the close up of a bewildered Kirk followed by the opening credits from the original series. So what has happened? Kirk from the Kelvin Timeline has woken up in his quarters from the original series meanwhile Kirk from the original series has woken up in his quarters from the Kelvin timeline.

The art work from Tony Shasteen is typically fantastic and as he has done on many occasions he has captured the likeness of both Kirk’s and the rest of the crew amazingly well. Combined with the beautiful colouring of Davide Mastrolonardo makes the issue a visual feast.

Both our Kirk’s make their way to the bridge and an ongoing inner monologue from each of them continues to cite their confusion at what they are seeing; this is the Enterprise but NOT THEIR Enterprise.

Shatners Kirk in Kelvin Uniform

Up until now, both Kirk’s where thinking they were dreaming but that quickly changes when they reach the bridge and are greeted by their command crew. Its fun to visualise what Shatner’s Kirk may have looked like on the bright, lens flared bridge of the Kelvin Enterprise. Both of our captains struggle to recognise the faces that occupy the bridge, Uhura, Chekov, Spock, all like strangers. After a few bouts of “where am I” and “who are you” Doctor McCoy takes action and in both cases knock the Captains out.

“Everything was brighter, the lights flared and there were… panes of glass just… standing there on the bridge” – Shatner’s Kirk once back in his own reality

They awaken back in their normal realities and timelines and begin to describe to Spock what had happened. Shatner’s Kirk comments on the lights flaring and the strange layout of the bridge, I am not sure if this is the writer showing his love of the original series or just an in joke for the fans to chuckle at, but I enjoyed the light humoured dig.

The strange occurence is blamed on an anomaly in space that both versions of the Enterprise has detected and so they both launch a probe to find out more. What follows is a humourous series of reality swapping that sees Nimoy’s Spock wake up in bed with Saldanas Uhura and likewise Quintos Spock with Nicols Uhura, Scotty also gets in on the swapping fun.

Part 1 ends with the probes returning to the Enterprise from its information gathering assignment, however, both ships are shocked to see that the probe that has returned is not the ones that they sent out as the probes have returned to the wrong Enterprises in the wrong timelines.

I cannot wait to read the conclusion to this story and find myself thinking that we might get to see the face to face contact of both Kirk’s that was teased when Star Trek Beyond was announced. Albeit in comic form, that will still be a nice treat for the eyes. A great issues that will appease both fans of the original and Kelvin timelines.

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