Jared Leto once auditioned for Star Trek


During his promotional duties for Suicide Squad, Jared Leto revealed that he once auditioned for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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Jared Leto is a man of many talents, Oscar-winning actor, award-winning musician, incredibly good-looking… I could go on, but I am starting to swell with jealousy!  Leto’s career could have been so different if a certain audition went a little bit better when he first tried to break into acting though.

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On his promotional duties for the newly released DC Comics movie Suicide Squad, in which Jared Leto gives a stellar performance with his take on the clown prince of crime, the Joker; Leto spoke about one of his first auditions. Speaking with E! Leto reveals that he had an audition for one line in Star Trek: The Next Generation (or New Generation as he recalls):

"“One of my first auditions was for one line in Star Trek, just one line in Star Trek: The New Generation,” the 44-year-old actor remembered. “Great show, but I was terrible and I definitely did not get the part. I remember going up for WKRP in Cincinnati…They tried to remake the show. Definitely didn’t get the part. I remember being so bad, just being so embarrassed reading. How can you be so bad?”"

Would be great to know what the role was and in what capacity. It can be safe to assume that it could have been for the pilot show ‘Encounter at Farpoint’ as he says “they tried to remake the show…” so if he had got the part, it could have led to a more regular part!

I personally think that Jared Leto is an amazing actor and would love to see him in a Star Trek property at some point in the future!

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