Star Trek Voyager: 15 Actresses considered for Seven of Nine

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Back in 1997 Star Trek Voyager was into its 4th Season and was about to introduce a new character in Seven of Nine, here are 15 actresses considered for the role.

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Star Trek Voyager is something of an enigma, on paper it should have worked, and in many Star Trek fans eyes it did, however it is still very much-loved and reviled in equal measure among Trekkies.

This may have played a part when the production team was planning for season 4, which in Voyager terms was going to be something of a game changer. Kes, as played by Jennifer Lien, had left the show and the team wanted a new character who could be a counter point to Kate Mulgrews Captain Janeway, in a similar way that Spock was to Kirk. It would have been a bit too obvious to go with having a Vulcan so they went with another, more original approach.

The result was of course

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Jeri Ryan’s introduction as a former Borg drone, Seven of Nine. As a Borg she was played emotionless with logical and as Borg would prove a vital ally to Voyager who was stuck in the Delta Quadrant. Her introduction had a mixed response as some fans saw her as a way to sex up the show and try to get more younger viewers.

Whatever the reasons behind the introduction of the character it had the desired effect as ratings went up, and some even attribute the character of Seven to saving the show. It has to be said the character was a bit of a gamble, but a lot of credit has to go with the actress playing her, Jeri Ryan.

It could have been a very different story though as Jeri Ryan was only one of number of potential actresses who the producers were considering for the role. What follows is just 15 actresses from that list who nearly played Seven of Nine.

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