15 inspired pieces of Star Trek art

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To thousands of people, Star Trek isn’t just a television and film franchise but also an inspiration for their art and creativity. Here are some of our favorite examples of Star Trek art.

ICYMI: Why has Star Trek lasted 50 years?

Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary year has been the gift that keeps on giving and we fans have been given so much over the past eight months, with more still to come from the celebrations. We have had special edition Blu-ray and DVD releases, conventions, exhibitions, details on a new Star Trek series as well as the 13th cinematic feature film that completes the Kelvin timeline trilogy. It has been a joy to be a Star Trek fan.

Of all the gifts that has been presented to us, there is one, for me that really stands out so far and that is the 50 Artists 50 Years art exhibition that is part of the global celebrations.

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If you haven’t seen this yet, I recommend that you visit


to see some of the excellent works of art that represents not only the past 50 years of

Star Trek

, but also the inspiration that it instills into its legions of fans.

So here at redshirtsalwaysdie.com we decided that we wanted to showcase some other art work that Star Trek has inspired over the past few years and boy did we find some amazing pieces of art.

We conducted our search using the most popular art based community on the internet, DeviantArt which is home to artists of all calibers and abilities from digital artists, painters, modellers, animators, photographers and everything in between to bring you our favorite Star Trek works of art

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