Review: IDW’s Star Trek #60


The final installment of IDW’s ongoing Star Trek series wraps up with a touching finale that does both the classic and Kelvin timelines justice.

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I would like to start this article by first holding my hands up to a mistake that I made in the review of IDW’s Star Trek #59 as I stated in that review that this was a series that showed no signs of letting up. Well, in this review of the series FINAL installment there will be no such mistakes.

That’s right issue 60 is the last in this run of IDW’s Star Trek series in its current format, but that does not mean there will be no more comics to look forward to in the future. In fact the series will continue with Star Trek: Boldly Go which takes place after the events of Star Trek Beyond and launches in October, we talked about this new comic back in late July. 

Here is the press release for Star Trek: Boldly Go

"New Ongoing Comic Series, “Boldly Go,” Reflects The Post “Beyond” World of Star TrekThe 50th anniversary of STAR TREK is upon us and to further celebrate, IDW Publishing, under license by CBS Consumer Products, will introduce a new Star Trek series in October.Star Trek: Boldly Go will reunite the fan-favorite Trek team of Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen on writing and art duties, respectively, and will succeed the currently running Star Trek series which will conclude after 60 universe-expanding issues, penned primarily under Johnson’s watch. Boldly Go will follow the events of Star Trek Beyond, the latest major motion picture in the ongoing cinematic saga.Chronicling the adventures of Captain Kirk and his iconic crew, a danger unlike anything the Federation has faced before threatens our heroes as they explore new worlds and encounter new species. All that plus brand-new uniforms for the crew!Star Trek: Boldly Go will beam into comic shops this October and will feature character-focused connecting subscription variant covers by series artist, Tony Shasteen. A bold new era of STAR TREK begins here!"

So here at we will continue to bring you the ongoing comic adventures of the Kelvin timeline crew.

However, back to Star Trek #60 and as you can imagine it picks up right where it left off last month and to save you time (because we’re nice like that) here is a quick recap.

As last week I am issuing a SPOILER ALERT if you don’t want to know what happens.

Issue 59 saw the crew from both the classic series and Kelvin timelines cross over by way of an anomaly in space that somehow allowed them to appear on the alternate USS Enterprise. So Kirk from the original series would be on the bridge of the Kelvin Enterprise and vice versa. The issue ended with both ships sending out a probe to investigate, only to receive the wrong probe back.

Star Trek #60 Cover

The comic begins with both sets of Scotty, Kirk and Spock examining the unfamiliar probes with the Kelvin Scotty comparing the probe to a ‘lost prototype’. What has been great about the two comics so far has been how writer Mike Johnson and artists Tony Shasteen have not tried to explain away the obvious differences in style and make up of the ships but instead embraced it. The new USS Enterprise is very much a modern designed ship thanks to the money involved from the studios producing the new set of films which the original series just didn’t have. This makes two very distinct interiors (as the basic shape of the ship remains the same) and although no explanation is offered in the comics as to the vast difference, it is fun to see them look at the original Enterprise as something old and out of date.

The one thing the probe initially reveals is that they have not been having hallucinations as they first suspected; that the visions of the other ship and crew must have been real and the probe is proof. Spock is quick to offer the logical explanation that they have somehow been transferring into an alternative reality due to the anomaly.

After this reveal both Scotty and Spock appear in the alternate timelines but both press on with figuring out how to stop this transference from continuing. Enter Uhura. Having analyzed the data from the probes she suspects that the anomaly is actually a living life form, a sentient being, which has become trapped and is lashing out, encompassing both Enterprise’s which are starting to merge into one.

The answer is classic Star Trek. A combined matter/anti-matter explosion will be enough to rip a tear in the fabric of space and time large enough to free the life form and save the ships.

The two timelines crashing in on each other

As time starts to run out, the two Enterprise’s fire modified torpedo’s straight into the heart of the anomaly causing the two timelines to crash in on each other before breaking free. With the life form freed from its trap the original series crew and the Kelvin timeline crew are free to continue on their respective journeys, however that does spell the end of the comic just yet.

“Echoes of a life I might have led. But for all the changes, for all the differences in history and fate. There remains a common truth. One shared belief. One mission” – Kirk(s)

In a fitting tribute to both incarnations of the Enterprise both Kirk’s are able to review the personnel log’s of his counterpart (this is because as both Enterprise’s began to merge information from their data-banks also crossed over). It is a touching few panels as we see how both Kirk’s have lived such different lives but remain committed with a common belief and conviction to the 5 year mission.

This rounds off a great 60 comic run and just leaves me wanting and waiting for more. I am very much looking forward to the continuing missions that will be brought to us in Star Trek: Boldly Go from October. Just one more thing which I think is great, if you combine the two covers from issues 59 and 60 they create a fantastic image that pays tribute to both sets of crews.

I will be keeping an eye for this as a print.

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