Why Star Trek’s “The Inner Light” is a sci-fi masterpiece


“The Inner Light” is not only one of the best episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, it’s also one of the best pieces of science fiction ever on television.

“The Inner Light” was already one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but after watching this video by Arcadea I’m seeing it in a whole new way.

The story of “The Inner Light” is one of those science fiction tales that sticks with you. You’ll find yourself thinking about Kamin and Kataan days and weeks after you watched the episode.

What I hadn’t realized about “The Inner Light” though was that one of the things that makes the episode so fantastic is the subtlety with which it tells the story. That’s where this wonderful video comes in.

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In this beautiful video Arcadea not  only explains why “The Inner Light” is a science fiction masterpiece, but also explains why the message of the episode is so important today.

When you see a video like this it reminds you of why Star Trek is so incredible. Trek isn’t playing down to the audience, it’s pulling the audience up. Star Trek doesn’t just want to entertain you, though it does, it also wants to make you think.

“The Inner Light” aired on June 1, 1992, but twenty four years later its message of living right now is just as important as ever. That’s what makes a series or franchise great, the ability to be relevant years after it first aired; Star Trek has certainly accomplished that.

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