The Wisdom of Spock

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Spock was a source of wisdom and logic on the U.S.S. Enterprise, let’s take a look at some of his most profound quotes.

The wisdom of Spock helped James T. Kirk make the right call in countless life or death situations among the stars, and sometimes that same wisdom can also be of great help to us in our real lives. It’s really is an amazing tribute to the writing of Star Trek and the acting of Leonard Nimoy that so many of Spock’s most famous lines have real life applications.

Let’s take a look at some of Spock’s best quotes…

Star Trek: The Original Series “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”

In “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” the crew of the Enterprise encountered the Cheron, a species at war over race. Spock as well as the rest of the crew was taken back by the Cheron hating each other based solely on which side of their bodies was colored white and which sides were colored black.

Obviously the episode was actually speaking to the race issues in America at the time it aired, and the wisdom of Spock from this episode spoke to the illogical way many Americans thought at that point in time.

No part of life stands still, you have to keep moving, keep growing, and keep changing; otherwise you might end up like the Cheron, extinct. Our whole lives are made of change, embrace it!

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