Star Trek Discovery comics and novels are coming


Some exciting news announced at Star Trek Mission New York, we are getting Star Trek Discovery comic and novel tie ins!

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Star Trek Discovery will be the sixth TV series set to boldly go and will be debuting in January 2017. Everything we know about the new series can be found here.

Set before the adventures chronicled in the Original Series the show will follow a new crew on all new missions. The series will also be shorter than previous shows and more focused on telling a story over multiple episodes as appose to single stand alone tales that can be wrapped up in an hours worth of viewing. It’s hoped (especially by this Star Trek fan) that the decision to do this

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will mean that the writers will have more opportunity to tell greater stories, even more so than those we have seen that has abided the story telling restrictions of a 45 – 50 page script.

This all sounds good for Star Trek Discovery story telling, however at the recent Star Trek Mission New York event held last weekend we got some more great news regarding the story telling potential of the new Trek series.

IDW Publishing working with long time collaborator and Star Trek veteran writer Mike Johnson, will be releasing a new ongoing comic series to coincide with the release of the new series. But that is not allm as not only will we be getting a new comic series; a series of new novel tie in’s are also being worked on with the first to be released by Simon & Schuster and is being written by David Mack, again another Star Trek writing veteran.

I am very excited about the prospects of following the exploits of this new Star Trek crew not only on TV but through printed media as well.

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