Hilarious Star Trek Beyond Cast Dubsmash Compilation Video


A hilarious compilation of all the Dubsmash videos made by the Star Trek Beyond cast.

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Social media is a wonderful thing when used in the right way. It allows us to get closer to the things we love and enjoy and can give us access to places that are normally out-of-bounds. This was the case during the filming of Star Trek Beyond when we where gifted with some wonderful behind the scenes photos, production videos and early release of posters and marketing materials. However if you were following the Twitter accounts for the films stars, such as Karl Urban, John Cho and Zoe Saldana you may have gotten a little bit more than you would have imagined.

It’s called Dubsmash; an app that is available on both the iStore and Google Play which allows the user to film themselves miming along to their favourite pop song. It has become a bit of a sensation over the past year and according to the official website it has surpassed 75 million downloads no doubt partly due to the fact that it has become popular with celebrities, no more so than the crew of the USS Enterprise. During the filming of Beyond the cast published a variety of videos using the Dubsmash app on their various social media accounts and to search them can be a bit of a task if definitely a worthwhile and rewarding endeavour. However, we now don’t need to do that, as some very helpful YouTube users have compiled the videos together into one easy to find and very funny compilation video.

What is great about this video is that we can see how close the cast has become over the filming of the series. There is a realy sense of togetherness and dare I say, family which is something that can happen over a period of ten years. It also still brings a sadness when we see Anton Yelchin taking part but looks like they all had a blast working together.

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