Get your very own Klingon mug


You can now buy your very own Klingon mug for feasting, song, and the drinking of bloodwine.

Finally you can buy a proper vessel for your bloodwine, racktajino, or prune juice with this lovely and fierce Klingon mug from the EMP Museum Shop.

The mug was brought to our attention when the excellent Star Trek experts over at Trek Core tweeted this out.

It looks like an excellent mug made of the highest Klingon steel. The Klingon logo is beautiful and the Klingon writing on the mug is a nice touch. For only $24.99 the mug is a steal right?

The only issue is that we all know this beautiful Klingon mug is a measuring cup. In fact you can buy this mug in its original measuring cup form for $2.99.  That’s an amazing discount of 88%! Yes the ubiquitous silver Klingon mugs of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine were really just measuring cups. As an added bonus with the $2.99 version you get a version closer to the real thing used on the show.

In all honesty it’s wonderful to see so much Star Trek memorabilia out there. We aren’t trying to pick on the EMP Museum Shop and obviously their Klingon mug is great. We just have a special place in our heart for the Klingon measuring cups of valor from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

In the end it doesn’t matter what you drink your bloodwine, racktajino, or prune juice from. What matters is that you have the heart of a warrior when you drink it. Qapla’!

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