Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Enterprise D being built by fans in VR


Some incredibly talented fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation are creating an Enterprise D that you can tour in virtual reality.

This might be one of the most incredible Star Trek projects to date. There are so many quality Star Trek fan creations out there, but this takes things to a whole other level. Using the Unreal Engine a developer who goes by the internet handle of Scragnogs is painstakingly recreating the Enterprise D. This means there will soon be an Enterprise that you can walk through and tour on your computer, or even more impressively in virtual reality.

Honestly you have to see this to believe it. Here’s a video showing off the engineering section of the project.

I think I speak for all Trekkies when I say HOLY TRIBBLES THIS IS INCREDIBLE! Seriously this is already blowing my mind, but it gets better, much better.

Take a look at the battle bridge.

As if this wasn’t already fantastic enough, in future updates you’ll apparently be able to interact with certain items, like tricorders.

So I’m sure you’re ready to get your hands on the Enterprise D, and the good news is that there are already downloads of the project, which they are calling Stage 9. Just visit the Stage 9 subreddit for more information. The project isn’t complete yet, but it’s already something very special. We are going to have to toast Scragnog’s victories with blood wine and sing songs of his mighty deeds after this.

This is what the holodeck was truly meant for isn’t it?

Find out more about Stage 9 at the Stage 9 subreddit and be sure to follow Scragnog on Youtube for more updates.

This is really is a fantastic day to be Trekkie. I hadn’t yet bought a VR headset, but this just pushed me over the edge.

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