When Webster met Star Trek


Star Trek has had some great crossovers on television and in the comics, but one stands out above the rest.

There are so many important and special moments in Star Trek history, from having a diverse cast in the 1960’s to addressing social issues in the 1980’s, but there’s one moment that for me will always stand out.

I grew up in the 1980’s and two of my favorite shows were Star Trek: The Next Generation and Webster. So when Mr. Worf appeared on an episode of Webster it was a very special moment for me.

The basic plot is that Webster is playing a video game in his room when lighting strikes his house and then he’s transported to the bridge of the Enterprise. Let me just say that as an adult I now realize that this is a terrible message to send. Between this episode of Webster and super heroes getting powers from lightning I think I was actively trying to get struck as a child.

Worf is of course immediately worried about the intruder on his bridge, which leads to this amazing shot.

Seriously it even has the 1980’s sweater, that’s the best Star Trek screen ever.

Worf and Webster discuss many things on the bridge of the enterprise and of course dancing breaks out at one point, because it’s 1989 and that’s how things roll.

Basically this was a Webster / Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover that turned into a clip show. Webster starts explaining things like having fun and dancing to Worf so that they can show a bunch of clips from the series. All good sitcoms of the 1980’s had a clip show. It was an easy and cheap way to get an episode out and use old footage. Not all shows used the Enterprise D to make their clip show though, that’s where Webster went above and beyond the call.

It’s such a strange moment in Television and I’ve been looking for a copy of it for years, so if you come across this gem on your internet journeys be sure to let me know.

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