EUCLED to bring your Star Trek Online adventure to life


A company called EUCLED is taking your Star Trek Online adventure and bringing it to life using 3D printing.

One of the things that has made Star Trek Online so successful for so long is that it allows Trekkies to finally take command of their own Star Trek adventure. It’s the fantasy of all Star Trek fans to command their own Federation vessel on a voyage of exploration. Now a company called EUCLED is going to let you memorialize the ship you command by adding it to your collection of ships, right beside the Enterprise D and that Klingon bird of prey.

EUCLED will allow you to buy a 3D printed model of the ship you command directly from Star Trek Online. This means you won’t be getting a generic model with your ships name plastered onto it, no you’ll be getting your ship, the way you designed it.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer the Galaxy class, the Defiant class, or the mighty Sovereign class you will be able to get it.

We spoke to EUCLED and yes you’ll hopefully be able to get your Klingon and Romulan vessels printed as well. The only limitation seems to be that they won’t be able to do shuttlecraft, the ships are just too small in game to get a good model.

There have been a lot of exciting updates going on with Star Trek Online this year, but this might be our favorite. This might even be more exciting than Star Trek Online moving to consoles. Being a Trekkie and loving collectables goes hand in hand, but having your own ship in your collection takes it to a whole new level.

There’s no official launch date yet for when you’ll be able to get your EUCLED ship in game, but the company says they are hoping for a November launch. For more information on EUCLED check out their website.

We are going to dive deep into the EUCLED ships with interviews and unboxing videos, because we really think this could be a fantastic addition to Star Trek Online. It might even be the thing that brings some Star Trek Online veterans back to the game.

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