Star Trek: Enterprise complete series coming to Blu-ray in January


Star Trek: Enterprise the complete series is coming to Blu-ray for the first time this January.

CBS is finally releasing Star Trek: Enterprise the complete series on Blu-ray. Up until now the only way to get Enterprise on Blu-ray was to buy it as single seasons. While Enterprise having only four seasons didn’t make single season purchases prohibitive, it’s still nice to have the series all in one collection.

Star Trek: Enterprise is the black sheep of the Trek family in the minds of most Trekkies. It’s obvious that Enterprise never fulfilled its promise. The premise of the show was fantastic and it could have been spectacular, but it was held back by the quality of the writing and its budget. Even with these obstacles the show still produced some fantastic Star Trek. Episodes like “Damage” could be stacked up against any of the Star Trek series.

The only issue is that the new complete set probably doesn’t come with any extra features that we know of so far. One of the joys of having Trek series on Blu-ray is digging in to the special features, otherwise why not just watch them on Netflix?

We don’t know the price point for the new complete edition of Star Trek: Enterprise yet, but we do know the release date is January 10th. It’s also odd that the series didn’t make it out in time for the Christmas rush. This is probably due to CBS having other items they wanted to promote over that time.

While this news is of course fantastic we still wait with anticipation and hope that one day CBS will remaster Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager for a Blu-ray release. It’s probably hoping in vain, but we like to look on the bright side of life.

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