Black History with Diallo and Bashir featuring Star Trek’s Tim Russ


Tim Russ is the guest on History Channel’s Black History with Diallo & Bashir to talk about Tuvok and race in Star Trek.

You probably best know Tim Russ as Tuvok from Star Trek: Voyager, but Russ has been very active in the science fiction genre. Russ most recently appeared as the voice of The Brotherhood of Steel’s Captain Kells in Fallout 4. On this episode of The History Channel’s Black History with Diallo & Bashir Russ is invited to talk about why Star Trek was so progressive and why other science fiction franchises haven’t lived up to the standard of Trek in that regard.

Check it out and try not to start missing Tuvok.

Russ really makes some fantastic points about Trek and science fiction in general. It’s a real shame that more science fiction hasn’t made an effort to embrace diversity the way Star Trek has. There certianly are some black characters in series like Star Wars, but overall the makeup of science fiction is very monochromatic.

It may be that most science fiction doesn’t present a future that is as bright as the future of Star Trek. Many science fiction franchises show worlds that not only haven’t solved the problems we face today, but are bogged down in new far worse issues. That’s a big maybe though, probably Russ is correct when he says the people making the calls aren’t diverse themselves.

There’s no doubt that science fiction is getting better about being diverse, it would just be nice to see the rest of this genre I love catch up with Star Trek.

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