A new Star Trek Christmas Classic in “It’s A Wonderful Deep Space Nine”


Move over “Let it Snow”, we may have a brand new Star Trek Christmas classic in “It’s A Wonderful Deep Space Nine.”

We’ve all seen the now traditional Star Trek holiday treat of Captain Picard singing “Let it Snow!”

The Picard version of “Let it Snow” has truly become one of my favorite holiday traditions. It’s where my love of Christmas music and Trek intersect. You have to make sure you are listening and viewing this version of the song though, from the original creator James Covenant though.  So many content thieves on YouTube have stolen and re-uploaded this video that it’s hard to find the original; that’s the cost of wild success on YouTube.

Now we may have a new Star Trek Christmas classic in “It’s A Wonderful Deep Space Nine.” This Star Trek spoof of “It’s A Wonderful Christmas Time” functions in the same way its “Let it Snow” counterpart does, but this time instead of the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew it’s the crew of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Check out this new hilarious Star Trek Christmas classic for yourself.

I still think I probably enjoy Picard singing “Let it Snow” more, but this is wonderful as well. Obviously “It’s A Wonderful Deep Space Nine” now needs to take a place in my holiday rotation.

Here’s “Let it Snow” for comparison and fun’s sake.

Star Trek fans never stop amazing me with the things they create with their love for Star Trek.  Whether we are talking about fan-fiction, cosplay, or even a fan YouTube show Star Trek fans devotion and creativity always shine.  Sometimes that devotion and creativity creates something very special, that’s the case with this new holiday classic.

I hope everyone has a grand holidays and lives long and proposers in the new year.

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