Is it time for Star Trek to move on from warp drive?


Warp drive is at the heart of Star Trek, but is it time for the franchise to boldly go beyond its classic form of travel?

You can’t think of Star Trek and not think of warp drive. The iconic sight of a starship launching into warp drive as stars wiz by was created by Star Trek, sorry Star Wars fans. But at least one Trekkie thinks that the time has come for Trek to move on from warp drive.

Our friend Ketwolski is back with another great Star Trek video, and this time he’s breaking down warp drive and its alternatives.

I like the idea of Star Trek moving on to another form of travel in some ways, because it would open up more of the galaxy, perhaps even other galaxies. I wrote about where I’d love to see the Star Trek franchise go to recapture the exploration and feel of classic Trek, and that journey would require a faster means of travel than warp drive. We can’t have everyone turning into salamanders like Paris and Janeway now can we?

The only issue I would have with travel being faster than warp is that it would take away some of the drama. The Enterprise needing Scotty to push the engines to the max to arrive at a planet or battle on time was a powerful device.

Even if you think we do need to move on from warp in Star Trek there’s one thing holding us back from all this, the people who make Star Trek keep wanting to go backwards. Sure warp travel is 400 years old in the Star Trek universe, but if we keep going back to year 150 then what does it matter?

I like the idea of moving on from warp drive, but most importantly I like the idea of Star Trek moving forward into unknown territory where it can boldly go. So yes, let’s think about moving on from warp, but more importantly let’s move on from Star Trek’s past.

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