CBS Releases 360° Star Trek: Discovery Ad


CBS has released the first real ad for Star Trek: Discovery and is uses 360° technology to while allowing you to view classic Star Trek ships.

The first YouTube ad or trailer for Star Trek: Discovery is out, but it doesn’t reveal anything about Discovery itself. Instead the trailer, which uses 360° video technology, takes you on a flyby tour of the NX Enterprise, The NCC-1701 Enterprise, and the Enterprise D. The video ends with a look at the Discovery logo and a “coming May 2017” tag.

Check it out this first ad for Star Trek: Discovery for yourself.

The video itself is very cool, and is a nice look at the classic Star Trek Enterprises. This video actually increases our hope in Star Trek: Discovery following in the footsteps of previous Star Trek series. One of the big concerns voiced by Trekkies, especially since Bryan Fuller left Discovery, is that the new series wouldn’t capture the spirit of previous Star Trek series.

We are still looking forward to learning more about Star Trek: Discovery itself though. We’ve gotten a few bits and pieces, including hints at Andorians and possible aliens, but we haven’t had much on what the actual story of the series is. The biggest fan theory out right now about the plot of Star Trek: Discovery is very intriguing though.

What we do know for certain is who some of the stars of Discovery will be. Sonequa Martin-Green will be Discovery’s lieutenant commander, and we also know who some of the Discovery crew, and who some of the Klingons on the new show will be.

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