32 Years Ago Today Leonard Nimoy Got His Hollywood Star


Leonard Nimoy got his star on the Hollywood walk of fame 32 years ago today on January 16,1985.

Leonard Nimoy represents Star Trek like no one else. Sure William Shatner was the captain, and Nichelle Nichols’ Uhura and George Takei’s Sulu certianly broke barriers, but Leonard Nimoy was Star Trek. It’s simply impossible to think about Star Trek and not think about Leonard Nimoy as Spock.

Spock was the only Star Trek character to span the gap from The Original Series all the way to the new Kelvin Timeline movies, and that’s because Spock like no one else represented Star Trek. Spock was logical and scientific, but also no matter how much he fought it showed great human compassion. Spock was of course a Vulcan, but through him we were able to see what humanity could be, how we could rise above our pettiness and jealousies to find something better.

Leonard Nimoy of course did more than just appear in Star Trek, from Mission Impossible to Three Men and a Baby Nimoy left his mark on Hollywood. So it’s only fitting that he received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

If you want to know more about Leonard Nimoy and Spock we encourage you to check out the documentary made by his son Adam Nimoy For The Love Of Spock on Netflix now.

When Nimoy got his star he said  “I find myself in a rather illogical position. My star is on the ground and my head in the stars.”

Let’s all try to keep our heads in the stars, it’s what Leonard would have wanted. Live long and prosper.

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