New ‘Logan’ Trailer Features Patrick Stewart As Elderly Professor X


We see some more of Patrick Stewart’s elderly Professor Charles Xavier in this new trailer for ‘Logan.’


We get to see a little more of Patrick Stewart’s elderly Professor Charles Xavier and a lot more of X-23 in the new trailer for Logan.

Logan takes place sometime in the future after many, if not all, of the X-Men are dead except for Logan and Professor Charles Xavier. Logan is taking care of Charles as he is ninety years old and having some sort of dementia problems. You can only imagine what dementia in a mind like Charles Xavier’s might be able to do.

At some point Logan and Charles come across a young girl who appears to be X-23. In the comics X-23 is a clone of Logan. They tried 22 male clones and all of them failed, the 23rd clone though they made female and she was a success. The trailer also appears to feature the Reavers, which are a mercenary gang, obviously sent by whoever created X-23 to recapture her.

Check out the new second trailer for Logan for yourself.

The trailer has a lot of the same look as parts of the classic comic series “Old Man Logan”, but this is certianly not that storyline. This storyline isn’t set quite so far in the future as that, it appears to be a world relatively close to our own.

I’m very excited to see more of Patrick Stewart’s elderly Professor Xavier. He still has the moments of wisdom and insight that Professor X is known for, but he also has moments where he’s obviously going through something.

Even if you’re not a fan of the X-Men movies this looks like it might be something special. Logan hits theaters on March 3rd.

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