FINALLY You Can Say ‘Computer’ And Have Your Amazon Echo Respond


You can live the dream and bring your Amazon Echo to life by saying “computer” as a wake up word, just like in Star Trek.

I’ve waiting my entire life for this to happen, and if you’re a Star Trek fan you probably have too. Finally we can live the dream and make things happen in our life by saying that one single word “computer.”

Amazon knows what Trekkies want and it’s to be able to use the word “computer” as an Echo wake up word.

But what can you do with your Amazon Echo? Well if you connect some of the things in your house you can command the lights to come on and off… no word on the ability to locate which deck Mr. Data is currently on though.

The missing piece here is of course the voice of Majel Barrett.

There’s hundreds of clips of Majel’s voice as the computer. All we need is someone to figure out how to make the clips of her voice work as every possible word in the entire universe. How hard could that be?

You can get an Amazon Echo of your own from surprisingly Amazon. The Echo isn’t cheap though, it will run you $179.99. How can you put a price on living in a Galaxy Class starship though?

Oh Riker, you were amazed at what the computer on the Enterprise D could do, and yet here we have that amazing technology in 2017. Did you never have an Amazon Echo Riker?

Nope, I guess you didn’t.

Star Trek predicted cell phones, tablets, and now the Amazon Echo, the future is now.

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What do you think?  Are you going to get an Amazon Echo so you can command the computer like on the Enterprise? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.