The Best Star Trek Actor From Each State

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Ohio – Gates McFadden

Ah, the good doctor Beverly Crusher. The prominent Star Trek: The Next Generation character was brought to life by Ohioan actress Gate McFadden. A fan favorite, Crusher has always been beloved by the Star Trek community. Her popularity is even more impressive considering she’s essentially the new Bones McCoy, but the fans were able to love both series’ doctors.

But not everyone was a fan of McFadden. Showrunner Maurice Hurley did not like McFadden, for whatever reason, leading to her dismissal at the end of the first season. Another character would replace her for Season 2, although she didn’t gel with the rest of the cast the way McFadden had. Many of the fans were also questioning why Crusher was gone, insisting she come back. So, at the end of the season, McFadden was brought back as the resident doctor on board the Enterprise.

Since her return, McFadden became a staple in the Star Trek universe. She plays Crusher throughout the rest of the television series, as well as the four feature films set in the Next Generation canon. Recently, McFadden has been using her voice to do voice acting, as well as narrate many different audio books.