The Best Star Trek Actor From Each State

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Washington – Connor Trinneer

Actor Connor Trinneer spent the first two decades of his life in Washington. He was born in Walla Walla, eventually growing up to attend Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma. It was there he would earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting. But to pursue an entertainment career, Trinneer would relocate, first getting noticed for doing theater work in Boston.

Trinneer would get a few different film and TV roles following this success. But there are specifically two roles from television in which he is best known for. One of those would be as Michael on the science fiction show Stargate Atlantis. His biggest role however would be on the Star Trek series Enterprise, where he plays Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker, III.

According to Trinneer himself, getting the part was nothing but total luck. He was not following science fiction prior to his casting and wasn’t very aware of the importance of Star Trek. But even with many other actors gunning for it, Trinneer was cast in the prominent role of Trip. He turned out to be one of the most popular characters on the show, and his leaving the series likely led into why it wasn’t renewed for another season.