The Best Star Trek Actor From Each State

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West Virginia – Brad Dourif

Horror movie fans in particular love Brad Dourif. You could say his most famous role is a part in which his face isn’t shown— only his voice is heard. For Dourif has been playing Chucky, the killer doll, ever since the very first Child’s Play movie. You can also find him in a TON of other movies as well, from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest to Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake. But, as it turns out, he plays one of the most interesting characters on Star Trek: Voyager as well.

In his first appearance on the series, Dourif plays Lon Suder, a crewman aboard the Voyager. When the crew realizes that there is a serial killer on board the ship, Tuvok launches an investigation. He concludes that Suder is the murderer, and does a mind meld with him to understand what makes him so evil. Suder’s violent impulses fill Tuvok’s brain and nearly make him go insane.

Understandably, Suder is kept in the brig as a prisoner, despite Tuvok’s insistence he be executed. This turns out to be for the better, as Dourif reprises the role in a later episode. When the holographic Doctor discovered every single Voyager crew member missing but Suder, they actually work together to save the ship.

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