The Best Star Trek Actor From Each State

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Herta Ware – Courtesy of CBS

Delaware – Herta Ware

Although Herta Ware was born in Delaware all the way back in 1917, it wouldn’t be until 1978 when she made her on-screen debut. She would appear in various TV shows, TV movies, and feature films. You could say her most recognized role is from Cocoon and its sequel Cocoon: The Return. She also plays Nana in the horror movie Critters 2. You’ll also find her in other films like Cruel Intentions and Species.

But at one point, Ware appears on Star Trek: The Next Generation. She doesn’t have the biggest role on the series, though it’s still a vital one concerning Captain Picard. In the Season One episode “Where No One Has Gone Before”, Ware plays Yvette Picard. Yes, there’s a relation there— Yvette is the mother of the captain himself, Jean Luc Picard.

In the episode, crew members are struck with having vivid memories of things from the past. Captain Picard has a vision of his mother Yvette, as played by Herta Ware. At this point in the Captain’s life, his mother had been long deceased. But through this memory, we get a great look at who she was. In any case, it’s interesting to see the Captain’s mom through his own memories of her.