Brent Spiner To Appear On ‘The Blacklist’


Brent Spiner is set to appear on NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ as a mysterious character named The Architect.

If you thought television needed some more Brent Spiner you’re in luck. Blunt Talk may be dead, but you can’t keep a good android down.

Brent Spiner is best known as Star Trek: The Next Generation’s android Data, but of course also played Data’s villainous brother Lore. Now according to IGN Spiner is set to put the black hat on once again and play a criminal nicknamed The Architect on NBC’s Blacklist.

The Blacklist plot usually revolves around an ex criminal played by James Spader and the FBI attempting to apprehend some other criminal that wronged Spader’s character and is wanted by the government. This means Spiner’s The Architect is almost certianly a bad guy of some sort.

Spiner as a villain is always superb. Spiner of course shines in any role, but his most villainous roles have been his most fun to watch in my opinion. Data can act bad, he even fooled the Borg Queen after all.

Spiner will appear on The Blacklist on February 16th at 10pm EST. But if you’re looking to see some evil from Brent Spiner in the meantime check out Spiner as Lore in Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Decent parts I and II.

It’s a fantastic couple of episodes full of Spiner, and as a bonus you get to see Stephen Hawking, Sir Issac Newton, Data, and Albert Einstein play poker.

Who doesn’t want to see the greatest minds of physics play poker.

Read more at IGN.

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