Hilarious Video Compares ‘Star Trek Beyond’ and ‘Lethal Weapon 3’


This hilarious video puts buddy cop classic ‘Lethal Weapon 3’ and ‘Star Trek Beyond’ side by side and compares the similarities in their plots.

At first glance Lethal Weapon 3 and Star Trek Beyond may appear to have very little in common, but a closer look reveals a hilarious number of similarities. There are tons of YouTube videos comparing different movies, but rarely has the result been this good, or this hilarious. YouTuber Couch Tomato really outdid himself on this one.

Check out the similarities between Star Trek Beyond and Lethal Weapon 3. Oh don’t give me any attitude Bones… I mean Riggs… just watch the video. I’m getting too old for this…

So if the formula stands then in Star Trek 4 we should see a crew which is half pregnant battling a chinese, or perhaps in this case Orion, smuggling ring with the help of Joe Pesci right? Pesci will of course have to play a Ferengi who constantly wants to be allowed to hold a phaser.

I’m not a Kelvin Timeline hater by any means, I enjoyed Star Trek 2009, didn’t like Star Trek Into Darkness, and loved Star Trek Beyond. But a great gag is a great gag, no matter what the subject, and it’s hard to argue that this comparison isn’t hilarious. Just don’t try to compare Star Trek to the new Lethal Weapon show, because that thing is just awful.

If you enjoyed that be sure to check out the rest of Couch Tomato’s YouTube channel where he compares film after film in his quest to prove that all movies are basically the same.

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