The Augments of Star Trek: Enterprise


Were the augments of Star Trek: Enterprise given a fair chance? Check out this video breaking down the fate of the augments.

The augments of Star Trek are pretty well defined as villains, but should they really be thought of that way? Sure Khan was a bad guy, he and the augments of his time were behind millions of deaths and tried to take over the world. The augments of Star Trek: Enterprise however didn’t have that history. They in no way were good guys, they were trying to start an intergalactic war, but they were also judged pretty harshly by Starfleet.

This video by our friend


breaks down and defends the augments of

Star Trek: Enterprise.

This video seems particularly interesting in these times doesn’t it?

Starfleet is does grow though, take the way the augments were treated in Enterprise and then put it beside the treatement of Doctor Julian Bashir in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Bashir wasn’t an augment, but his DNA was altered. In Bashir’s case though his parents, who committed the actual crime where punished, while he was not.

So it’s possible to see the treatment of the augments in Star Trek: Enterprise as an early attempt by Starfleet to handle a complicated problem. By the time of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Julian Bashir it’s clear that there’s been some progress made.

No matter which way you look at it this video by Ketwolski really opens up some interesting points about how Starfleet handled the augments. Even if we embrace the values seen by the humans in Star Trek it may not be an easy or quick road to enlightenment.

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