Daystrom Institute Library Files: The First Federation


A fan made Daystrom Institute library file on the interesting, but somewhat confusing, history of the First Federation.

Star Trek YouTuber Ketwolski has produced a series of fan made Daystrom Institute library files covering everything from Cardassians to the Temporal Cold War. These files are both fun and full of fascinating background information that both casual and long time devoted Trekkies will find interesting.

Today Ketwolski is looking at the First Federation and its somewhat confusing history. In case you were unaware the First Federation isn’t an early version the Federation, it’s a separate alien culture. The name has led to some confusion among casual Star Trek fans, but the First Federation appeared for the first time in the classic Star Trek: The Original Series episode “The Corbomite Maneuver.”

The First Federation was represented by an alien commander named Balok, who was played by the incomparable Clint Howard; younger brother to Ron Howard.

Check out the Daystrom Institute Library File on the First Federation for yourself.

The First Federation is an interesting alien group and I really hope they get fleshed out more in future installments of Star Trek. Unfortunately it would probably be impossible for them to take a big role in Star Trek: Discovery since it’s set before the Enterprise runs into Balok.

Even so it would be great to see more of some of the classic Trek races and villains in Discovery. We certianly could use some Gorn appearances. Also if Star Trek: Enterprise found a way to have the Ferengi on board surely Discovery can find a way to feature one of Balock’s kin.

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