Daystrom Institute Library Files: Angel One


A fan made Daystrom Institute library file on Angel One, a planet the Federation admitted for all the wrong reasons.

Star Trek YouTuber Ketwolski has produced a series of fan made Daystrom Institute library files covering everything from Cardassians to the Temporal Cold War. These files are both fun and full of fascinating background information that both casual and long time devoted Trekkies will find interesting.

Even the Federation makes mistakes. By all standards Angel One should never have been allowed to enter the Federation, but it was because of its strategic location. Alpha 1 conveniently sits along the neutral zone between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire. So the Federation’s decision to admit Alpha 1 was based on it being a possible staging area in case of a Romulan attack, and had little to do with Angel One’s worth as a possible member of the Federation.

Executions, not treating all members of society equally, no freedom of expression, all of these should have been huge red flags on why Alpha 1 shouldn’t have been allowed into the Federation. Because of its strategic importance it was allowed in though and it was left for the crew of the Enterprise D to try to clean up the situation after the fact.

Angel One is a great Star Trek example of the problems that are holding us back in our real world. We struggle with all of those things that the crew of the Enterprise D saw as barbaric and backwards. Star Trek is always at its best when it’s telling us about ourselves though a story on an alien world.

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