Daystrom Institute Library Files: The Devore


A fan made Daystrom Institute library file on the xenophobic Devore culture of the Delta Quadrant.

Star Trek YouTuber Ketwolski has produced a series of fan made Daystrom Institute library files covering everything from Cardassians to the Temporal Cold War. These files are both fun and full of fascinating background information that both casual and long time devoted Trekkies will find interesting.

The Devore were frightening. There have been plenty of authoritarian regimes in Star Trek, but the Devore found a way to be even more creepy than the average Cardassian. It was probably that they were so thorough in their hate. Searching each and every ship that passed through their territory with a ruthless efficiency. The Devore also seemed to take pleasure in the persecution of others, others who couldn’t help what the Devore hated them for.

Check out this dramatic recreation of a Daystrom Institute file on the Devore.

The idea of persecution, especially persecution based on something a person can’t help is a fact of our time, but you would hope it would be gone by the time of Star Trek. It’s the Star Trek episodes that bring out the most idiotic in the human race that chill you the most. The Devore aren’t humans, but it’s clear that they represent us, us at our very worst.

That’s the greatness of Star Trek though, it’s not just a science fiction show telling a story set in the stars, it’s a show telling a story about humanity that happens to be set in the stars.

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