Daystrom Institute Library Files: The Qomar


A fan made Daystrom Institute library file on the arrogant and abrasive Qomar of the Delta Quadrant.

Star Trek YouTuber Ketwolski has produced a series of fan made Daystrom Institute library files covering everything from Cardassians to the Temporal Cold War. These files are both fun and full of fascinating background information that both casual and long time devoted Trekkies will find interesting.

The Quomar episode of Star Trek: Voyager was always one of my favorites. The idea of a society that didn’t have music was fascinating. The xenophobia and self absorption of the species wasn’t particularly interesting, but the idea that they hadn’t been exposed to music was.

The reason the lack of music stuck with me is that it’s both interesting and probably similar to the problems that humanity might run into with real alien species. In all likelihood alien cultures will be so different from us that it will be more like Darmok than First Contact. Math will be the language that all aliens will understand and that’s apparent in the Qomar as well.

Check out this dramatic recreation of a Daystrom Institute file on the Qomar.

The Qomar are an interesting species, and the plot of the Doctor wanting to stay with them was a nice twist. It would have been nice to see more from the species later on, perhaps they started creating and using holograms for more than just music.

The Qomar are another alien species which we only saw a small part of on Star Trek. Although I’d like to see more of them, I do enjoy when we meet new species because it emphasizes how large the galaxy is and how much space is still out there to explore in the Star Trek Universe.

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