Emily Coutts Will Be At The For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’


Star Trek: Discovery has found its pilot in Emily Coutts.

Discovery has her pilot in actress Emily Coutts. Coutts will be manning the conn as Discovery’s pilot. We don’t know the name of her character yet, and we don’t know if she’s human or alien, but we do know she’s going to be making it so, or engaging, or whatever the go to action catch phrase is for Discovery’s still unknown captain.

Check out some of Coutts highlights.

Emily Coutts Reel 2015 from Emily Coutts on Vimeo.

There have been a lot of greats manning the conn from Sulu to Geordi, Data, Wesley Crusher, and even Miles O’Brien for a bit. Hopefully Coutts’ conn officer is the next great Starfleet pilot in that line.

According to Inverse Coutts is only signed on for a few epsiodes. This is strange because you’d assume that the conn officer would be in every episode. This may be a hint that more of this first season takes place away from the titular ship than we might expect… but that’s all just a guess right now.

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It’s really good to see so much positive Star Trek: Discovery news. Discovery had a run of bad luck and suffered some really bad PR with Star Trek fans. Hopefully this news and the new Discovery promo get the show back on track and are leading to something great. We’re always rooting for Star Trek, no matter what the odds are.

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