New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Promo


The new promo for CBS’ ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ shows glimpses of ship designs, uniforms, and more.

CBS has released a new promo for Star Trek: Discovery and it includes some very interesting looks at uniforms, ship design, aliens and more from the new series.

Check out the new promo for Star Trek: Discovery.

OK, there were some very fast, but very interesting clips in there.

The one that immediately stood out to us was the uniform shot.

That’s a blue uniform with the engineering and support emblem on the badge. Does this mean that there won’t be any redshirts in Star Trek: Discovery? Also the delta badge was an Enterprise ship badge during Star Trek: The Original Series, if you served on another ship your badge would have been different. So it’s possible that trend has not been established in Star Trek: Discovery, or Discovery shares a badge with the Enterprise.

The Discovery looks similar to the the Discovery we’ve seen before, but it’s color seems to have changed a bit. The ship certainly looks more traditionally Starfleet now.

This is obviously alien armor of some kind. It could be some version of Klingon armor since the style is similar to what we saw in those leaked Klingon ship sketches.

The captain’s chair of Discovery, this is the same chair that Bryan Fuller tweeted out an unfinished version of.

This isn’t the Discovery, but it is obviously a Starfleet vessel. Could this be the Shenzhou, the ship that Michelle Yeoh will be the captain of?

This if by far the most exciting and in depth look we’ve gotten of Star Trek: Discovery so far. We still don’t know when the new Star Trek series will be premiering, but clearly CBS wants us to know that things are moving forward.

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