Would a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine movie have been good?


Many Trekkies wish there had been a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine movie, but I’m not sure that would have been a good idea.

A lot of folks have suggested that it would be great to have had a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine movie. I’ve said before that DS9 is my favorite all time Star Trek series, but some things just don’t translate well to the big screen.

Let’s put aside whether the show was ever popular enough to get a budget big enough to make a movie and focus just on what kind of movie it would be.

There’s a big problem with doing a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine movie after DS9 ended. After DS9 many of the crew had gone their own ways. Odo was back on the Founder homeworld in the Great Link, O’Brien had returned to earth to teach at Starfleet Academy, Worf was the ambassador to the Klingon Empire, Garak was back on Cardassia, and Sisko of course had gone to be one with the prophets. So to bring everyone back would take some extraordinary circumstances.

In the end you’d have something that felt forced and wasn’t great. Remember when they made After M*A*S*H? It was a terrible shadow of M*A*S*H because it felt forced. I’d never want to see that happen to Deep Space Nine.

So we’re left with telling a story that occurred somewhere during the run of the series. It’s a movie, but the movie takes place during the series. The major problem with this of course would be the age of the actors. Remember what Riker and Troi looked like in that unfortunate final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise?

In the end it’s probably best that we didn’t get the DS9 movie, though I can’t help wondering what could have been.

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