Star Trek Trivia: What Was Seven of Nine’s First Name?


Today’s Star Trek trivia question asked what the original first name of everyone’s favorite Borg drone was.

Do you know what Seven of Nine’s original first name was?

Seven of Nine’s full Borg designation was Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01, but she was originally named Annika Hansen. Annika was the daughter of Borg researchers Magnus and Erin Hansen.

Seven’s parents were researching the Borg. The Hansen’s had a small, but long range, vessel called the Raven. They took the daring and somewhat insane step of using the Raven to follow a Borg cube through a transwarp conduit and into the Delta Quadrant. The Hansen’s were able to avoid detection by the Borg due to multi-adaptive shielding.

Predictably though this measure failed and they were detected by the Borg. Their ship was damaged by an ion storm and Annika, Magnus, and Erin Hansen were assimilated into the collective.

Seven of Nine was of course freed from the collective by the U.S.S. Voyager and eventually returned to the Alpha Quadrant with her new crewmates. Seven had been a part of the Borg collective for most of her life however, having been assimilated at the age of six. This meant that her reintegration into human life was slow and sometimes painful.

The character of Seven of Nine was one of the best things to come out of Star Trek: Voyager. Like Spock and Data before her, her logic and struggles with what she saw as an over emotional and irrational humanity served as a mirror allowing the viewer to look at themselves and all of humanity in a new way.

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