Star Trek: Online Season 12 ‘Reckoning’ Review


We breakdown and review the newest season of Star Trek: Online.

Launched back in 2010, Star Trek: Online has continued to dazzle, annoy, impress, and anger fans of the Star Trek franchise. Fresh off of the heels of their widely successful ‘Agents of Yesterday’ expansion, Cryptic Studios has just recently released the newest installment of their Star Trek: Online MMORPG titled ‘Reckoning‘.

This release was timed with the MMO’s 7th anniversary (officially on 2 Feb, 2017) and has so far been met with mild criticism and large praise. But it does beg the question: How is this game holding up after 7 years of being on the market, and are these new expansions helping or hurting the game?


Having recently played the new content that was released on January 26th, I wanted to take a moment and share my opinions with both old and new players to the game.

-2 PvE missions that focus heavily on teamwork with tough enemies
-New  Space battlezone
-Expanded Sectors in the Alpha Quadrant; increased by 12
-New T6 Sci ship
-New Enemy ships (Tzenkethi) that require actual tactics to destroy
-Some of the best, and well-written missions to date

-Bugs in the space battlezone
-New Enemies are overpowered in space combat
-Bugged ‘party patrol’ mission
-Most of the sectors in the expanded Alpha Quadrant are empty

For the veteran player, the CONs listing is all too familiar. Cryptic Studios is notorious for their lack of Quality Assurance and regularly releases content that is bugged, unfinished, and sometimes simply unplayable.

With that being said, I have still played this game for over 4 years; and will continue to play it until they eventually shut down the servers.

In my opinion, Star Trek: Online has had slam-dunk content since the Iconian War expansion in 2015. And while the bugs are rampant, the new missions are extremely well written, superbly acted, and planned out.

This current installment began with a Feature Episode titled ‘Echoes of Light’, a mission that I feel is the single best episode Cryptic has ever done.

The creative team down there has really stepped up their game over the last 2 years and is not producing solid content for players. If you are an old fan who left during the ‘Delta Rising‘ debacle or someone who’s never installed the game, do yourself a favor and check it out now! You won’t regret it.

Still not convinced? Well check out my Live-stream let’s play of the new content and decide for yourself.

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