Star Trek Trivia: What Star Does Vulcan Orbit?


Today’s Star Trek trivia question asks, what star does the planet Vulcan claim as its sun?

Do you know the name of the star that the planet Vulcan orbits?

There was some controversy about which star Vulcan orbited until it was finally cleared up by Star Trek: Enterprise and Gene Roddenberry himself. In Star Trek: Enterprise we see on star charts that Vulcan orbits 40 Eridani A. Roddenberry, along with scientists from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics said Vulcan’s sun was 40 Eridani A. There reasoning for picking 40 Eridani A is fascinating.

"“We prefer the identification of 40 Eridani as Vulcan’s sun because of what we have learned about both stars at Mount Wilson … based on the history of life on Earth, life on any planet around Epsilon Eridani would not have had time to evolve beyond the level of bacteria. On the other hand, an intelligent civilization could have evolved over the aeons on a planet circling 40 Eridani. So the latter is the more likely Vulcan sun.”"

So 40 Eridani A was had the right distance and the right timeframe. Not only was the star 16 light years from earth, but it had been around long enough to have an advanced civilization living on it.

If you want to read more about why 40 Eridani A was picked as Vulcan’s sun read the full report here.

This means that

This was a tough Star Trek trivia question, but you all asked for harder questions! We will be mixing it up hard and easy though, so there should be trivia for lifelong Trekkies and new Trekkies alike.

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