Patrick Stewart Once Said He Might Bring Back Picard


Patrick Stewart says he would bring back Picard, but only for a very good reason.

If you’ve been dreaming of a final Star Trek: The Next Generation movie this might give you hope. Lately we’ve seen an uptick in people talking about wanting a final Star Trek: The Next Generation movie. If you check out any TNG post on our Facebook Page you’re bound to find someone bemoaning the fact that the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast didn’t get a better send off film.

With this in mind we decided to see if we could find any evidence across the internet that such a film had even the slightest chance. The good news is that we found one interview with Patrick Stewart that might give you some hope, the bad news is that it’s still highly unlikely that we will ever see another TNG film.

Check out what Patrick Stewart had to say about the possibility of bringing back Jean-Luc Picard.

There you have it, Picard might return for a “very good and very serious” reason. It’s hard to imagine what kind of film would have to be written to great a reason compelling enough to bring Patrick Stewart back as Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

The truth is that Nemesis is probably what we will have to be satisfied with. The cast of TNG have just gotten older and moved on, it wouldn’t be the same and you’d hate to see something that felt forced and wasn’t up to the quality that Star Trek: The Next Generation had given us before. Brent Spiner for instance has said on several occasions that his days of being able to play Data, or B-4, or Lore, are done.

So we probably won’t see any more of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in film, but perhaps a very compelling television episode could be written. Leonard Nimoy appeared as Ambassador Spock in Star Trek: The Next Generation, perhaps there could be a time traveling reason to see Captain Picard on the Discovery?

This is probably holding out hope for something impossible, but we’re Star Trek fans, we love the impossible.

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