Incredible Symphonic Performance of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Theme


This awesome symphonic performance of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine theme is a bit of a mystery.

Normally I wouldn’t post a video I didn’t know anything about. I try to be careful about the YouTube videos I post because I want the original uploader to get the credit. It’s all too common on YouTube for someone to rip someone elses video and then reupload it as their own. This of course steals the views and possible income from the original creator. A perfect example of this is the “Let it Snow” Captain Picard video; you really have to search for the original because people who have stolen the video come up first in the search results.

So I debated whether I should post this video due to a lack of information, but it’s just too awesome not to share.

Check out this amazing symphonic performance of the theme from

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

What we do know is that this video was filmed at the Rudolfinum in Prague and that’s it was originally a live recording perhaps. That’s about all we know however. We don’t know what the name of the orchestra is, and we don’t know who the conductor is. So if you have any information about this amazing performance please share it with us, we’d love to credit the right people.

I’ve seen a lot of symphonic performances of Star Trek music, but this one was really something special. Star Trek and instrumental music of course go hand in hand (aside from the Star Trek: Enterprise theme that we won’t discuss) but now and then you come across something that stands above the rest. It would have been great to see this entire concert, perhaps all the Trek themes were performed.

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