Trekyards: Our First Look At Discovery LCARS


The boys from Trekyards break down our first fuzzy images of the Star Trek: Discovery LCARS.

Trekyards is one of our favorite Star Trek YouTube channels. The guys from Trekyards breakdown the tech and vessels of Star Trek, diving deep into the lore behind each ship.

This time the Trekyards crew are looking at the Star Trek: Discovery LCARS. LCARS of course is an acronym for Library Computer Access Retrieval System. LCARS is a graphical interface displayed on the computers and terminals in the Star Trek universe. LCARS is the windows or OS that runs Star Trek vessels.

LCARS was invented by Michael Okuda for Star Trek: The Next Generation. Gene Roddenberry wanted the new Enterprise D to look advanced and clean and the LCARS interface allowed for that.

We haven’t seen much of the LCARS of Star Trek: Discovery, just a few blurry shots in the most recent Discovery trailer, but that won’t stop the guys from Trekyards.

It’s really interesting that the Discovery LCARS are similar to the Franklin LCARS from Star Trek Beyond. It is true that when the Franklin was launched it was in the Prime Timeline. This means that many of the Franklin style elements may appear in the Discovery. I personally loved the Franklin style and wouldn’t mind seeing some of those elements in the Discovery. Thinking about the blue duty uniforms of Star Trek Beyond and the shots of uniforms we saw in the last Discovery trailer they do look very similar as well. I don’t think Discovery will take heavily from the recent Star Trek films, but a few nods here and there would be interesting to see.

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