The Internet Would Have Hated ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’


We imagine how the internet would have reacted to the changes between Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: The Original Series.

In case you haven’t heard they are making a new Star Trek series, and it’s going to ruin everything. I’m very angry about it because it looks like they are making changes to alien races, ships, and uniforms.

Can you believe that they are doing this? The most egregious offense is that they are changing the way Klingons look. This is a tragedy and is obviously going to ruin Star Trek forever. Klingons are supposed to look the way I want them to look, you can’t just change the look of a species because it’s a new movie or series, that’s crazy. Everything in Star Trek has to stay the same as it always was. This new series is going to be literally unwatchable.

If there’s one thing Trek is about it’s everything staying the same and being stagnant. It’s not like Star Trek is a series that actively embraces change and shows how humanity can grow through embracing diversity and science. It’s like Spock said “change is not the essential process of all existence.” That’s the quote right?

You should never change ships or alien races, or god forbid, uniforms. Klingons are supposed to look one way.

TOS Klingon EP ‘Errand of Mecry’


Now on this new Star Trek series they are changing everything and giving Klingons ridges on their heads? That’s a crime that should be punishable by a life sentence on Rura Penthe.

Who does this Gene Roddenberry think he is to change the way Klingons look for his new “Next Generation” series.

And look at the new ship, it’s horrible, it doesn’t look exactly like the original so I’m very mad about it.

Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation


We don’t want changes and compelling stories, we want everything to stay the same. Maybe just throw in a bunch of long eight or nine minute scenes showing the ship so we can reminisce about the thing we loved when we were younger. Those kinds of scenes are why Star Trek: The Motion Picture is everyone’s favorite Trek film.

Nothing brings in new fans like eight minutes of watching the ship leaving the space station. Who needs new fans anyway? Star Trek has great older fans and when we all die the series can just die with us, why should another generation of scientists and explorers be inspired to look to the stars?

In response to these crimes against the Federation I’m organizing a boycott. I’m going to not watch the new version of the show I say I love because I think that will send someone a message. I’m not at all only going to hurt myself by this boycott. To hell with this Next Generation!

Obviously this article was written to show how ridiculous some Trekkies are being about Star Trek: Discovery. Yes Star Trek: Discovery is going to make some changes, but that’s ok, Trek moves on and evolves. There’s no need to get angry about every change, you might find that change isn’t so bad if you embrace it. You don’t want to end up like the Cheron committed to hatred just for the sake of hatred.

Let’s give Star Trek: Discovery a chance to live long and prosper.

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