Jim Parsons Says The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Is Not Spock


Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, shoots down the reddit theory that his character is Spock in disguise.

Sheldon on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory is a huge fan of Spock, and honestly, who isn’t? Sheldon’s love of Spock has caused Reddit to come up with another crazy theory though; Reddit thinks Sheldon might actually be Spock.

Yeah it’s a crazy theory and it doesn’t make much sense, but this is the internet, what did you expect? Jim Parson’s who plays Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory was on The Late Show with James Corden where he addressed many The Big Bang Theory theories, including Sheldon/Spock.

Yeah I have to agree with Jim Parsons on this one, there’s no way Sheldon actually is Spock. The scenes where sheldon talks to an imaginary Leonard Nimoy would have to be a sign of a serious mental illness in Spock if this one was true.

There are a lot of Trekkies who don’t like The Big Bang Theory. Some consider its take on nerds to be insensitive and offensive. The Big Bang Theory isn’t some great piece of art, but it’s a funny and cute sitcom. It’s not going to change the world in the way shows like Star Trek: The Original Series or M*A*S*H did, but that’s ok, some TV is just there to make you laugh and waste some time.

Jim Parson’s love of Spock on The Big Bang Theory is fun. I’m not upset that I share a hero with Sheldon, it doesn’t make me crazy, it’s just a TV show. Also my mother had me tested.

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