Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Documentary Crowdsource Campaign Adds New Rewards


The crowdsourcing campaign for ‘What We Left Behind’ a documentary on ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ from Ira Steven Behr and director Adam Nimoy has added some amazing new rewards.

Even if you already contributed to What We Left Behind‘s crowdsourcing campaign you may want to think about a donation, because the new perks are amazing. Some of these items are as good as hitting Dabo at Quark’s Bar, Grill, Gaming House, and Holosuite Arcade.

First up is the biggie… and this is one big Morn sized reward.

For a $625 dollar contribution you get general admission tickets to the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, but of course that’s not all. You also get a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine swag bag with autographs from the cast and crew AND a VIP meet and greet with the DS9 and What We Left Behind cast. This isn’t a giant meet and greet where you’ll never get any time with your favorite star either, the reward is capped at 50, so this is going to be exclusive. On top of all this you’ll also get some sneak peeks at What We Left Behind before anyone else.

Dabo indeed.

If the $625 reward is out of your budget don’t worry, there are also some great new rewards for more reasonable stacks of latinum.

For $35 dollars you can get a great Quark t-shirt where Quark’s face is made up of the rules of acquisition. You will be the talk of the tower of commerce.

A $250 dollar contribution will get you the new Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Blu-ray set signed by the cast!

The What We Left Behind documentary continues to hit stretch goals and has now raised over $369,000 dollars with two weeks left. Check out the rewards and contribute yourself on the campaign’s Indiegogo page.

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